Electric Skinjam

Electric Skinjam is a disturbing portrait of a frantic, drug-addled mind in a cyberpunk world. The main character, obsessed with his celebrity idol Rubin Red, embarks on a journey to enter an elite club and win a lethal dance contest of sportsmanship.

An August for Grapes

An August for Grapes is an experimental stream-of-consciousness piece that focuses on 2 minutes of the lives of a single suburban family on an afternoon, and follows one unspoken thought after another on the path to unforeseen tragedy.

The Field

The Field is a piece of pathos-driven poetry-prose devoted to exploring grief, and focuses on a widower’s journey through the Irish countryside to follow the trail of an old legend to the resting place of his deceased wife.

Storytelling began as an oral tradition. Babies listen first, then speak, then read, then write. There is something inherently auditory, or vocal, about written material, and we even use words like conversation, dialogue, and voice to describe internet-based discussions.

The written word represents an archive, a way to keep an oral delivery immutable, and to allow us therefore to expand on the complexity and referential nature of concrete text. So why not try to give those words a spark of life through voice? A one-on-one, personal, intent, focused relationship between speaker and listener, or writer and reader. I believe we have yet to explore exactly how this new global tribe, in a new oral age, can relate to each other through the consumption of literature and storytelling in general. Hence my Patreon: The Orator

E-books of all written works will be available to Patreon supporters, in epub, pdf, and mobi formats. Each work will have companion videos of me reading the works, kind of like an audiobook but with an added visual component. The videos will be available to anyone, supporters or not, and they will be posted on my website, my Patreon page, and of course, YouTube.