Richard Milner is a writer, educator, and speaker currently living in Tokyo and teaching at the Tokyo University of Science, among other institutions. He has his MA from Southern Methodist University in Digital Creative Media and worked in the digital games industry in Texas and California for six years as a narrative and content designer. He has also worked as a mental health care professional in New York and Connecticut reintegrating disabled individuals into the workforce.

Richard’s debut speculative fiction novel Vessel of Kali, derived from Hindu mythology, was released in 2014 to positive reviews. Richard has toured in the US and the UK and conducted numerous productivity-focused writers’ workshops for both novice and experienced creators. He has also volunteered as a writing mentor for children at the Ministry of Stories in London and acted as a fundraiser for Amnesty International UK.

His newest project, The Orator, is a blend of literature and performance art that can be both read and heard. It seeks to explore the position of the literary arts in a “new oral” age of digital communication, and is inspired by media ecology and the use of short fiction to experiment with voice and technique. Subscription services will be available for Richard’s ongoing work, supportable via Patreon. You can otherwise find Richard on all the typical social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

In his admittedly limited spare time Richard enjoys traveling, consuming the fiction of words, playing the fiction of video games, exploring abandoned places, and finding more efficient ways to clean up after his Sheltie.


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